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Real Short-Sightedness: Hillary’s Capital Gains Tax Proposal

by Raymond J. Keating- In a July 13 speech, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared, “Today’s marketplace focuses too much on the short-term, like second to second financial trading, and quarterly earnings reports, and too little on long-term investments.” In a catchy political phrase, Clinton is calling this “quarterly capitalism.” This type of declaration is not […]

What to Know about Permatemps

By Barbara Weltman- Temporary workers can be a great way for companies to fill a staffing need without taking on new employees or using independent contractors. (My first job out of college was as a placement counselor for temp agency where I placed temporary clerical workers at some of the biggest companies in New York […]

Fact of the Week: Housing Data Remains Mixed

The last recession officially began in late 2007. But housing began its deep dive in late 2005. In fact, housing was in a depression from late 2005 into 2011. And housing’s recovery has been far worse than the overall economy’s poor recovery. As of the first quarter of this year, real private residential investment was […]


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