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The Costs of ObamaCare Warrant Oversight through Special IG

by Raymond J. Keating- More government involvement in health care via ObamaCare’s increased controls, regulations, outlays, subsidies and taxes was bound to not turn out well on a variety of fronts, including costs. A new analysis courtesy of points to ObamaCare’s bloated administrative costs. As explained in the report, “Last year we, and many […]

Business Tips & Trends News Highlights

The past week’s “How To” articles, educational resources, and business news and success stories recommended by SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan. ACCESS TO CAPITAL & FINANCE A Startup That Makes Loans Based on Loyalty When Banks Will Not, New York Times. A Ypsilanti, Michigan cafe “is the first guinea pig for ZipCap, a […]

Crude Oil Exports and Trade Policy

By Raymond J. Keating- On May 20, I had the privilege to be a panelist during a congressional briefing hosted by the American Council for Capital Formation titled Crude Exports and U.S. Trade Policy: A Closer Look at the Policy & Economic Outlook. One key point that emerged in the discussion was the critical role […]


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