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FACT OF THE WEEK: Trade Under Bush and Obama

by Raymond Keating- Many important issues were covered at Hofstra University’s conference (March 24-26) on the presidency of George W. Bush, which I attended this past week. That included international trade. Protectionist? It caught my attention when a professor from Suffolk University, Shahruz Mohtadi, labeled President George W. Bush a “protectionist.” That’s an odd declaration, […]

Waters of the US Regulation: “Leaving Small Businesses in a Lurch”

By Karen Kerrigan- Today the Senate Agriculture Committee will convene a hearing on one of the most burdensome and far-reaching regulations proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), the “Waters of the United States,” or WOTUS, rule. The intent of WOTUS is to clarify the Clean Water Act […]

Ted Cruz: A Small Business Snapshot on the Issues

By Karen Kerrigan- Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced his candidacy for president on March 23. He is the first major candidate of any party to officially do so. Where does Senator Cruz stand on key small business issues? Senator Cruz says the American Dream “is under assault like never before.” He points to federal government […]


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