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The past week’s “How To” articles, educational resources and business news and success stories recommended by SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan. INSPIRATION & START UP How 3 Entrepreneurs Went from Welfare to Multi-Million Businesses in Five Years, Entrepreneur. “With no formal business background and no college degree, [Zaycon Fresh CEO Mike] Conrad talks […]

The Real Deal on Small Business and Spectrum Auctions

by Raymond J. Keating- Talk heated up of late regarding so-called set-asides for “small business” when it comes to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) upcoming “incentive auction” for broadcast spectrum. Unfortunately, this has been grossly misleading, as such set-asides have nothing to do with small business. In fact, these subsidies would go to very large […]

Key Points on Personal Income

Personal income was up in May. That’s good news. But the data also must be put into perspective. by Raymond J. Keating- On June 25, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released its May measure of personal income. Consider these four key points: 1.  Real personal income (excluding transfer receipts) in May was up 0.3 percent, […]


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