Our Mission and History

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) is an influential voice and advocate for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We focus on advancing policies and initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship and small business growth.  Our strength and effectiveness are powered by SBE Council members and supporters.  When there is something of importance happening in the U.S. or across the globe that affects small business owners and entrepreneurs, SBE Council is there – we are your voice, your advocate.

Our mission is to protect small business and promote entrepreneurship.

Advocacy   For more than 20 years, SBE Council members and staff have led some of the most successful and important legislative and educational campaigns for entrepreneurs.  For example, and most recently, our members designed the framework for legislation that allows entrepreneurs to use equity and debt-based crowdfunding to access capital for their businesses.  Our effective outreach and advocacy campaign stunned partisan Washington, and culminated in the signing of the Jumpstart Our Business Start-Up Act (JOBS Act) by President Obama on April 5, 2012.  Key components of the Jobs Act, and notably Title III  — the crowdfunding provision — will revolutionize how entrepreneurs access capital – not only in the U.S., but across the globe.

SBE Council spearheaded the legislative campaign to advance Medical Savings Accounts, a pilot project that led to a successive endeavor that secured universal Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).  SBE Council is at the center of every major tax and regulatory fight and reform opportunity that impacts small business.  SBE Council provides leadership and a much needed voice for entrepreneurs on policies such as trade, technology, intellectual property (IP), telecommunications, energy, government procurement, finance, spending and fiscal issues, health care and much more.  SBE Council’s policy knowledge and advocacy experience is deep, inclusive and unmatched.

Educational Resources   SBE Council conducts training programs and collaborative projects to help small business owners and entrepreneurs compete in the competitive global economy.  Our Growth Without Barriers webcast provides cutting-edge “how to” content, and updates our members on the latest legislation and policies working their way through Congress, government agencies, or the state legislatures.  We report on global issues and trends, and how they may impact U.S. entrepreneurs.  SBE Council’s weekly enews provides links to free or low-cost training events and webinars on issues ranging from finance to hot global markets to effective technologies for small business.  The weekly newsletter is packed with the best articles and content from across the web, pointing to trends in the marketplace and successful strategies for growth.

Research   SBE Council is respected for its research, studies and reports covering a wide range of issues.  The “Small Business Policy Index,” “Business Tax Index” and other state policy indexes are widely reported on by the media, and provide state lawmakers and Governors with tools to measure the policy competitiveness of their states and how they stack up against their counterparts.  We produce regular “Entrepreneurs & the Economy” surveys that track small business sentiment on key policy and economic issues.  SBE Council’s research in the areas of technology, monetary policy, taxes, regulation, energy, small business financing and more are used to support our advocacy efforts.  This research and analyses is used to educate lawmakers, policy leaders, media, coalition partners, and the public about the vital role entrepreneurs play in job creation, innovation, economic growth and the nation’s competitiveness. SBE Council’s research helps us advance policies and initiatives that encourage start-up activity and small business growth.

SBE Council is a 501 c4 nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy and research organization.  Contributions to SBE Council are not tax deductible.  


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